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Let’s build agility

Unlock the agility of your employees for sustainable success

As a leader, you know that agility is crucial to the success of your business. But how can you ensure that your employees are genuinely agile?

With Agility Builder you can measure and specifically foster the agile competencies of your employees.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, scientifically robust approach to help you answer the following key questions:

What do we mean by “agility”?

How agile are we right now?

What can we do to become more agile?

What do we mean by “agility”?

There are five key dimensions of our working lives in which successful companies are rethinking what they do and becoming more agile in their approach: Learning, Networking, Collaboration, Well-being and Career Agility.

However, teams often struggle to define what being “more agile” really means and what to do. That’s why we’ve defined the personal competencies essential for success in each dimension and other factors that influence our ability to develop those competencies. It provides a practical path to genuine agility.

More agility is required in these dimensions for success in the 21st century

How agile are we right now?

Invite your employees to complete our online questionnaires. They’ll receive personal results with their individual top competencies and practical recommendations. They can start developing their agile competencies right away. One small step at a time.

You’ll see the team’s aggregated results at a glance. Without disclosing individual results our unique coastline, matrices and distribution graphs visualise the results. Let the data guide your actions for building the agility you need.

The Organizational Report gives you the data you need for informed action

What can we do to become more agile?

Know which essential agile competencies you can rely on and where and how to develop – on individual, team and group level.

Equip your people leaders to have impactful personal development conversations with employees of all ages and power up teamwork and working relationships.

Make building agility part of your company DNA – not as a goal in itself but as a means of achieving your strategic goals and sustainable success.

For more information about the Agility Builder Download Product Information Sheet (change button)

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In just 30 minutes discover how using the Agility Builder will be the game-changer you are looking for in your quest for genuine agility.

After the call, you’ll have the opportunity to try it for yourself.

We know once you’ve see it you’ll want to your team to benefit too.

Philippa Dengler, CEO Conscha GmbH

“During my 20+ year corporate career people development was always at the heart of my leadership style. Now I’m on a mission to help people leaders do the very best job they can – with structure, data and empathy.

Scientifically robust and easy-to-use

The Agility Builder is based on solid psychological models and neuroscience. It delivers in-depth, complex results in a practical, easy-to-use format.

It is a powerful combination of the scientifically validated psychometric instrument Profilizer(TM) and the EmployAgility(R) Framework.

Profilizer(TM) is approved by the European Federation of Psychologist’s Association. It’s been used in recruitment and selection processes, personal development and team-building by companies since the 1990s.

EmployAgility(R) is based on recent empirical research. It’s designed for self-reflection and as a tool for people leaders to have adult conversations about personal agility and employability – with employees of all ages.

Feedback from our customers

“A solid basis for people leaders to have personal development conversations with employees of all ages.” Head of HR, Migros Genossenschaft Luzern.

“Enough ideas for my next several development plans”. Employee General Electric Gas Power.

“An excellent instrument to increase your own career agility and and help teams to do the same.” CEO IBAW

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Philippa Dengler

Ludwijn Braams

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